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SKEDA IT Carbon Offset Programme

"SKEDA provides quality IT Support and our Carbon Offset Programme is part of how SKEDA ensures we are keeping up with not only technology but also our environment."

SKEDA IT believes in nurturing the environment and we are working hard to be a sustainable IT Support company.  A key goal in achieving carbon neutrality is measuring, reducing and managing our carbon emissions.

SKEDA IT has been involved with Green IT for many years, initially partnering with recycle / reuse organisations and directly donating to Australian non for profit organisations that reach out to help others in need.

There are obvious things we can all do in our workplaces and there are websites like the following to provide guidance / information.  These two are a good place to start:



At SKEDA our process for becoming carbon neutral involves three steps:

1.     Measure

This step involves establishing emissions targets and committing to annual audits of carbon emissions.
Each year SKEDA undertakes a process to measure our environmental performance and carbon emissions through an audit of all offices, practices and procedures. The audit is designed to identify the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the major contributors to these emissions.

2.     Reduce

SKEDA introduced a sustainability policy to reduce the energy consumption and waste produced by the day-to-day operations of our offices. This policy identifies many energy and waste reducing initiatives which have, and will continue to be, implemented on an ongoing basis.

3.     Manage

In the final step to look at how we managed the previous year, plan for the current year plus invest in schemes that will enable SKEDA to put back into our environment in a positive way.  We look for local Australian initiatives that may not necessarily provide a true “carbon offset”, which at present Australia is lagging behind schemes to provide this; however we do engage with tree planting, PlanetArk recycling, and other opportunities to better manage our waste.

SKEDA IT will continue to support Green Initiatives and engage not only our staff but encourage our clients to be part of the solution as often as possible.