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SKEDA  is committed to helping businesses to help our environment.   We do this in two ways:

1.  Community Reuse / Recycle Programme:  SKEDA supports Non For Profits including Open Arms by donating functioning equipment for their clients who are disadvantaged families in Sydney.  Previously we assisted TAD Disability Services - for more information on TAD refer to  http://www.tadnsw.org.au/  If you have a NFP or NGO that would like to receive donated IT equipment please do contact us with your information.  We appreciate the support of our valued clients, who donate their end of life computer gear through this programme.

2.  Responsible E-Waste Programme:  SKEDA engages with the most responsible e-waste recycling providers located in Australia, so our waste is treated here not shipped overseas.

If you have old computer equipment that you wish to dispose of responsibly, call SKEDA IT Support Sydney for a quote today.  This quote will usually cover collection, receipting and responsible disposal.  We do not profit from this essential service and only charge a small administration fee.

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