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Small Business

Starting Up?

Starting up a small business is challenging, at SKEDA IT we know because we did it ourselves.  Over the years we have assisted many passionate entrepreneurs to start up their business and continued with them on their journey of growth.  When you talk to your IT service provider,

It is really exciting and rewarding to be a part of their success story, as SKEDA supported them with:

  • Technology decisions; with so many choices it is important to determine the path that best suits your business
  • Maintaining a sensible IT budget to meet cash flow constraints; operating costs should be included in your IT budget (not just your capital expenditure)
  • Reliable IT Support including the SKEDA ServiceDesk  to keep their IT supporting their business
  • Our CIO service has been a great help to many businesses, getting the big picture and keeping everyone accountable (including our service team!)

Growing Your Business?  Outgrown Your In-house Expertise?

This is the next tipping point for businesses. The realisation that you want to focus on your business, not work in your technology to support your business goals.  Reaching the point of going to the open market to find an IT Outsourcer is as challenging as when you started : Who is the right fit for your vision? How will they work with what you have created so far and travel with your business?  What will they actually do and will that work for your business?

Getting the right IT company to be a strategic partner with you is important.  Our clients share their visions, targets and business concerns so that their IT supports the business and it’s processes.  Often some time with a SKEDA Senior Engineer or one of our Executive Team really helps to create that pathway.

Contact us to find out how we can help you today and into the future.