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SKEDA Support has been customised to suit the needs of clients since the year 2000, and we are not about to change that any time soon.  Having a depth and breadth of technical expertise enables us to deliver that level of customisation in a technology rich world.

In this era of Cloud Computing, Hybrid Solutions and Outsourcing - SKEDA is a trusted advisor and supplier.  We cover all the standard "my widget is broken, please fix it" or "we need a new widget" with our experienced technical team on SKEDA ServiceDesk.  Our monitoring systems enable us to know within minutes of potential problems and outages, and one of the most complimentary statements made by a client was that he didn't even have to think about SKEDA IT very often as his services were extremely reliable under our care.

Our IT Services extend beyond the "break/fix operational support" and our Virtual CIO and Business Analysts ensure that the big picture strategy and requirements gathering from key stakeholders is not beyond even a modest sized business or NFP.

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