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The key differentiator is that SKEDA brings general management experience to the table as well as expert technical knowledge. It’s not about reviewing your systems and suggesting a new one. Often there are things that need to change in the organisation before any technology shift should even be considered.

Usually the first step is reviewing your organisation and understanding how it works. Often this means changes to the organisation as a first step, looking at the mechanics of the organisation and mapping out the processes, and identifying long term goals, and a roadmap for change. The key is to improve the way the organisation works by matching the people, processes and technology in a way that delivers better outcomes (services, products or whatever your outputs are).

Our CIO Services provide smaller organisations with a way to access an IT Executive that will engage with them at a strategic level.  Your CIO will deep dive into your organisation and assist you to bridge the gap between technology and the needs of your organisation and stakeholders. Whether your organisation is a member-based not for profit, a public charity, or a commercial company; our goal is to engage with you at a business layer, to assist with strategic planning, organisational improvement, operational improvement, and to enable you to deliver on your commitments.

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