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Not For Profit Solutions

SKEDA offers through the security and intelligence of Microsoft Platforms, discounted solutions for eligible organisations for:


  • Creation of text, presentation and spread sheets
  • Emails through Outlook with shared contacts, calendars and task management
  • Storage and organisation of documents and information
  • Audio and Video Conferencing


Donation management

  • Who are your best donors? 
  • Donation history
  • Timeframe view (ie: year by year) 
  • Pledged vs current  

Campaign management 

  • Donation campaigns 
  • Feedbacks campaigns 

Meetings/Events/Committee Management 

  • Invite staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and members 
  • Availability of staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers 
  • Archive your minutes 
  • History track 

Case/petition requests channel 

  • Invite and manage stakeholders feedback

Membership/Subscriber management

  • Information record

Volunteer management

  • Information and skills record
  • Availability of time
  • Request/invitation (meetings and activities)
  • Track of volunteer hours
  • Confirmation letter of volunteering hours

Staff management

  • Agenda
  • Core activities and responsibilities
  • Project activities and responsibilities
  • Milestones reminder

Beneficiaries feedback channel

  • Invite and manage beneficiaries feedback

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