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Drive sharing options

  • Warn users when sharing outside this organization
    Users will be asked to confirm when they share outside the organization. This serves as a reminder to make sure the shared document is not confidential.

  • Allow users to share outside the domain to people who are not using a Google account
    Users can send share invitations to non-Google email accounts and non-Google Groups mailing lists. However, note the following:

    • People with the share invitation will still need to sign in to a Google account to access the document (unless the document is shared publicly to anyone or people with the link). If the recipient doesn’t have a Google account, he or she will need to sign up for one.
      Google accounts don’t have to use Gmail or Google Apps addresses. A Google account is simply a unified sign-in system that provides access to Google products, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can associate any email address with a Google account. To get someone who doesn't have a Google account started, send them this link:https://accounts.google.com/signupwithoutgmail
    • People with non-Google accounts who receive a share invitation can forward the invitation to other users, who can then also see the document if they sign in to a Google account. Invitations expire after 14 days.
    • Anyone who accesses the document will be visible in the share box, where their access can be removed.

    If you don't check this box, documents can't be shared with non-Google accounts (including mailing lists) outside your domain, but documents can still be shared to non-Google accounts and Google Groups within your domain.

  • Allow users to publish documents on the web or make them visible to the world as public or unlisted documents
    Users can publish documents or set visibility for documents as Public on the web (meaning anyone on the Internet can find and access the document) or Anyone with the link (meaning it’s an unlisted document that’s not likely to show up in search results, but it is accessible to anyone on the Internet who knows the link).

    If you check this box, users can set the visibility option of documents to Public on the web via sharing options, and they can also publish Docs, Sheets, and Slides via File > Publish to the Web.

    If you don’t check this box, the only way users can share documents online outside your organization is to specifically invite each collaborator to access the document.

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