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Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online
Application Components  
Workflows 200
Custom Entities 300
Storage 5 GB
User Access Online & Offline
Mobility Support Included
Application Administration  
Unlimited Application Troubleshooting Included
Patch Installation Included
Version Upgrades Included
Data Migration Tools Included
Proactive Response to Alerts Included
Port and Network Device Monitoring Included
Proactive Hardware Failure Monitoring Included
System Software Monitoring Included
Application Server Monitoring Included
Database Monitoring Included
Backup and Recovery Included
Security Included
Service Level Agreement Included
99.9% financially backed
Professional Support Plan Included

Multi-layer security

Safeguards are applied on multiple fronts, including:

  • Securing the web application with SSL
  • Custom-defined security roles governing user access and the actions they can perform
  • Field-level security
  • Full business data auditing
  • Stringent physical security of Microsoft datacenters, including building and system/database access


Many aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system are configured in an N+1 redundant configuration, to eliminate single points of failure.  As a precaution against catastrophic failure of multiple systems, full data backup to tape is done on a daily basis.   Microsoft Data Protection Services (DPS) encrypts all data prior to it being written to tape.

Management simplicity

New versions or updates to the software are easily distributed to users SKEDA consults jointly up with one of the best Microsoft CRM Specialists in Australia, providing you with solution that is perfect for YOU!